Mathe wa Ngara: “I have never committed any crime in Kenya”

August 22, 2023

UPDATE: Nancy Indoveria Kigunzu has since been arrested in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). Kigunzu was arrested Monday evening on accusations of engaging in drug trafficking and taken to the DCI headquarters in Kiambu for questioning.

Nancy Indoveria Kigunzu, the alleged marijuana peddler popularly known as ‘Mathe wa Ngara’, has moved to court to accuse investigative agencies of launching a manhunt for her on trumped charges.

In documents filed before the Milimani Law Courts, the businesswoman claims she is being used as a scapegoat over the recent drug bust in Ngara area of Nairobi. Kigunzu states that she abides by the law and is perplexed by the police’s pursuit of her.

“I have never committed any crime in Kenya nor have I been involved in any criminal activity in Kenya neither personally not jointly with others and I therefore do not understand why the police are looking to arrest me,” read court papers.

Kigunzu additionally alleges that she is facing imminent arrest threats from both the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome. She accuses them of infringing upon her constitutional rights.

“The powers of arrest by the 1st (DCI) and 2nd (IG Koome) respondents are being abused and misused to harass, intimidate and oppress the applicant,” she said, adding that she is willing to avail herself to “a just and fair legal system in which her fundamental rights are respected.”

Mathe wa Ngara also accuses DCI and the Inspector General of Police of utilizing their positions to unlawfully apprehend and detain her two sons, aged 16 and 17, for a period of five days without any justifiable cause.

Kigunzu is therefore seeking an injunction to secure protection against arrest. She is also requesting the court to grant her anticipatory bail or bond.

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