Man Sentenced to 30 Years For Vandalizing Kenya Power Equipment Worth Sh60K

August 3, 2023

A court in Nakuru handed down a 30-year sentence to a man who was found guilty of vandalizing a 600-meter electric conductor valued at Sh60,000.

Edwin Kiplangat Ngeno was arrested on July 26, 2023, while in possession of the Kenya Power conductor at Stoo Mbili township in Njoro, Nakuru.

The prosecution charged Edwin Kiplangat Ngeno with three counts, which include: Vandalism of energy equipment and infrastructure, Stealing of energy equipment, and Unlawful handling of energy equipment.

These charges are in violation of Section 169 of the Energy Act of 2019.

In its ruling, the court offered Kiplangat Ngeno the alternative of paying a Sh15 million fine.

Kenya Power acting Security Services Manager Paul Nyaga Gichovi welcomed the ruling saying it will act as a deterrent to others and discourage similar crimes in the future.

“Through collaboration with various government institutions, the Company has scaled up surveillance on its infrastructure in order to stamp out illegal activities from the network,” he said.

“I wish to thank the Judiciary for the support that they have accorded this important exercise and call on the public to join this fight by reporting any suspicious activities on the network to the nearest police station or Kenya Power office.”

Kenya Power reiterated that vandalism and theft of electricity pose significant risks, as they can result in electrocution and even death.

“In addition, these crimes compromise the quality of power supply and lead to loss of revenue by the Company,” KPLC said.

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