DJ Fatxo Tells Conflicting Reason for Cancellation of Ghetto Radio Interview

August 24, 2023

DJ Fatxo now says his interview at Ghetto Radio was not canceled as a result of protests from fans of the radio station.

The interview had been scheduled for Friday, August 18, during the station’s prime breakfast show hours, which run from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. However, DJ Fatxo received a last-minute notification that the interview had been canceled.

The station’s PR Department attributed the decision to an “online uproar” among fans.

“Ghetto Radio cancelled an interview with DJ Fatxo… This was due to an online uproar from our fans, who felt it was in bad taste. As an organisation, we value our customers and our listeners, you come first,” Ghetto Radio said in a statement.

But DJ Fatxo has now come out to set the record straight saying the interview was canceled due to ‘unavoidable traffic delays’ that caused the artiste to arrive late.

“The interview was not canceled due to any online uproar from fans. As a matter of fact, the station shared media promoting the interview several times on their social media platforms including in the hour preceding the scheduled time and the feedback was very positive.

“The reality is that the cancellation was a result of unavoidable traffic delays that caused DJ Fatxo to be late for the scheduled interview. We, therefore, find the insinuation of that letter unwarranted and ill-thought. It is distasteful, misleading and plainly just unfortunate,” Fatxo’s management aid in a statement.

Fatxo’s management requested truthful reporting on subjects related to their client, highlighting the several successful shows he has conducted since his return from a break.

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