Babu Owino Covers School Fees For Daughter of Ohangla Singer Atomy Sifa

August 30, 2023

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has extended assistance to Ohangla singer Atomy Sifa, covering the school fees for his daughter who is currently enrolled at Moi Girls High School.

This comes after the singer had taken to social media to disclose his challenges in affording his children’s education. He also expressed his need for instruments to revitalize his declining music career.

On Tuesday, Babu Owino also took to his socials to share an audio clip, in which Sifa expressed gratitude for the assistance provided to his daughter, Sarah.

“I really appreciate Babu you are one in a million, asante sana kwa kuchukua daughter wangu Sarah na kumlipia school fees. Watu wako na pesa, lakini wa kusaidia ni wachache, lakini Babu amenifanyia surprise. Sikujua mtu atakuja kulipia mtoto wangu school fees,” Sifa says in the audio.

Babu Owino affirmed his commitment to providing assistance to those who require support.

“I will continue helping coz God gave me 2 hands.One for myself and the other to help others,” he said.

Elsewhere, Bau Owino made a similar commitment to DJ Evolve following his acquittal in a case pertaining to his alleged misuse of a firearm.

Speaking at Milimani Law Courts after Magistrate Bernard Ochoi set him free, Babu Owino said he intends to cover the DJ’s additional medical treatment abroad.

“I will walk by DJ Evolve. I will always be there for him. I’m planning to take him to India for further treatment,” he said.

“I pray to the Almighty God to grant him spiritual and physical strength,” Babu added.

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