Ruto Announces Free NHIF Access for Vulnerable Groups in New Funding Model

August 30, 2023

President William Ruto has announced a shift in the funding system, enabling vulnerable groups to access the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Speaking on Tuesday, Ruto said the change will cater for everyone’s healthcare, with the most vulnerable poised to access the fund for free.

“We are changing the funding system so that we can allow the vulnerable to access NHIF free of charge and those who are in the lower category to pay less, those who earn more to pay more,” he said in Vihiga.

President Ruto emphasized that this shift would transform healthcare in the country from being a privilege accessible only to those who can afford it into a fundamental right for all individuals in need of medical care.

This announcement coincides with the government’s proposition to raise NHIF contributions to 2.75 percent for salaried individuals. This adjustment aims to facilitate the government’s financing of its Universal Health Coverage initiative through the NHIF.

Currently, unemployed individuals are required to contribute Sh500 monthly.

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