Akothee’s Message to Archbishop after Ng’iya Girls Cancelled Invitation

August 8, 2023

Akothee has responded to the sudden annulment of her invitation to headline a talent show at Ng’iya Girls.

The celebrity singer and philanthropist had been scheduled to help the school launch its charity activities as well as address and inspire the school girls on Sunday, August 6 at the invitation of School Principal Mrs. Hellen Juma.

However, the church overseeing the school intervened and objected to Akothee’s visit leading to its cancelation. Apparently, the local ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) Bishop was not comfortable with Akothee gracing the event.

The setback notwithstanding, Akothee took to her socials to express her appreciation to the school’s principal for the invitation. She also pledged to continue supporting Madam Hellen and the school in the times ahead.

Thank you very much, Madam Hellen, may the almighty bless your heart. I met you in Sinyolo Girls and you stole my heart with your kindness, You made my work of admitting the less fortunate easy, even though I was late 🙏 Thank you very much for helping me support the vulnerable, you saw it fit to help you walk the journey of the underprivileged, but there is a way the universe works for us.

“Ngiya Girls High school is now on the map, known globally, even those who didn’t know Ngiya Girls, Now they know 🤣🤣, I pray that your new development of having a foundation within the school will uplift a lot of souls. 💪 I really appreciate the love and faith you have for me🙏. I will still support any course that will leave a positive impact on our society. I will still support where I can even from where I am standing. May God bless you,” she wrote.

Akothee also spared some words for the aforementioned Archbishop, saying she understood his reasoning behind the decision.

“To the Arch Bishop I understand where you are coming from, continue praying for us sinners, so we could all meet in heaven on that day 🙏i. In Jesus name Amen 🙏” Akothee concluded.


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