CS Ababu Namwamba Unveils Youth Talent Platforms Ahead of National Youth Day

August 8, 2023

Youth Affairs, Sports, and Arts Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba has launched the National Youth Week ahead of National Youth Day on August 12, 2023 that aims to encourage the youth to realise their potential.

Speaking during the forum at the University of Nairobi on Monday, Namwamba expressed his delight to join the rest of the nation during this special occasion, the start of National Youth Week, which focuses on youth issues.

The National Youth Week and International Youth Day focus on youth energy, cohesion, and issues, which align with the forum’s theme, Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.

“This forum exposes the potential of youths as well as their contribution to national development and the realisation of their creativity and talent,” he said.

Namwamba remarked that the Kenya Youth Development Act 2019 identifies climate change and drought as seriously affecting youth who depend on agriculture and other activities as their means of livelihood.

“Kenya has faced many disasters like floods, droughts, and other shortcomings; therefore, this has called upon the youth to participate in activities like the green space,” he cited.

The CS noted that the launch will feature dynamic exhibitions and a “hustlers’ bazaar,” which is an initiative aimed at empowering the youth to showcase and market their talents.

He promised to support the creative work of young people through the Talanta Hela initiative, which will promote informative discussions and expert presentations.

Namwamba emphasised that the let’s go green theme will recognise the significant role of youth in leading the green transition and climate action to promote youth enterprises, creativity, and talents.

State Department for Sports and the Arts Principal Secretary (PS) Ismail Maalim said that it’s important to celebrate a critical segment of the country’s population (youth) who contribute to the socio-economical and political development of our country.

“We have therefore lined up activities such as hustlers bazaar, which will provide a platform for youth to monetise their talents,” he highlighted.

Maalim affirmed that the focus of this day will be on poverty eradication through the creation of employment opportunities and support for youth micro-small and medium enterprises (MSMs).

“We will also have regional engagement in which the youth will be informed of the various government opportunities that are available to them, like the hustler fund, the Uwezo fund, and the National government affirmative action fund,” he added.


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