Zari Hassan Denies Undergoing Plastic Surgery For Her Legs

July 12, 2023

Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has refuted claims of undergoing plastic surgery to maintain her desired figure following the birth of her five children.

During an interview on NTV Uganda, the reality TV star, however, admitted undergoing liposuction procedures on her stomach and legs.

“I have literally become smaller at the top. I had extra fat in my legs so I did a process called lipo. Lipo is the process where they literally just pull out the fat. So how is that now being plastic? I literally just took fat out of my body. That is from my legs and tummy and there is nothing wrong with that,” she stated.

Zari added: “I don’t know why people refer to such procedures as plastic surgery because they don’t take any plastic and put it in your body, I just took fat out of my body where I felt like it is not necessary.”

Acknowledging that physical exercise was not eliminating her “mommy tummy”, the South Africa-based Instagram personality decided to undergo J Plasma liposuction.

“As a mother, I’ve had five kids, all natural births. Every time your tummy stretches and you end up with a mommy tummy. I was exercising even before my surgery but there is that mommy tummy you get that refuses to go away. You can never have your six-pack back after babies, you are still going to have that mommy tummy. Every mummy understands what I am talking about and for me I needed to get rid of it and there is nothing wrong with it.

“They take out the fat and then they tighten. There is a new procedure called J plasma and I am being very honest because I want to share,” she explained.

Noting that cosmetic surgery is no longer viewed as a taboo but a lifestyle, Zari disclosed how much she spent on J Plasma.

“Before, it was taboo if someone heard I had surgery for this. Right now honestly speaking, in my world, in South Africa, it’s a lifestyle and if you can afford it why not. They sit there and look at themselves and wish they could be as good as you yet they are so quick to go on social media to belittle people and drag them about having surgery calling you names like house of plastics.

“It goes for a lot of money, it’s a lot Sh1.4 million plus and I did it in South Africa. The ones who are going to Turkey I hear it’s cheaper there but I have never been to Turkey so I did my procedures in South Africa and it cost me Sh1.4 million plus,” Zari said.

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