Njugush Speaks Out After Jua Cali Critiqued His Stand-up Comedy

July 12, 2023

Comedian Njugush(born Timothy Kimani) has shrugged off musician Jua Cali’s comments suggesting that he should focus on creating skits rather than pursuing stand-up comedy.

Njugush has been the talk of the town in recent days following his stand-up show in Australia. Netizens shared snippets of the show on Twitter, drawing criticism from a section of social media users.

One of them was Jua Cali, who tweeted: “Njugush ni boy wangu but hakuna comedian hapo, not funny at all.”

The heat would soon turn on Jua Cali, who was castigated by netizens forcing him to apologise through social media and through Njugush’s pal, Abel Mutua.

“Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama hio tweet ilicome out harsh hio haikua intention napenda Skits za Njugush ni vile tu StandUp ni ballgame ingine noma but polepole with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats, let’s come together StandUp ni artform inataka patience na a lot of resources kama tu music industry but done right hapo kuna doe kuruka!!! If we put our heads together tutatoboa,” Jua Cali wrote in part.

His apology notwithstanding, Njugush said everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He also took a dig at Jua Cali’s claim that they are “boys” saying they’ve only ever met once.

Unajua alisema ni boy wangu, but we have only met once. But it’s fine, it is his own sentiment and everyone has their own opinion. His opinion does not prevent me from telling Kenyans to watch TTNT 1 to 4,” Njugush said.

He added: “Art is very subjective – it’s very relative. Ngoma unalike maybe mimi sitai-like. Comedy unawatch maybe mimi sitawatch. But that doesn’t mean we are not working.”

Njugush mentioned that throughout his career, he has encountered critics who questioned his abilities. He proudly stated that he has consistently defied those doubts, surpassing expectations and proving his naysayers wrong.

TTNT 1, 2, 3 & 4 sold out. The UK was sold out, Australia was sold out. Do you know how hard it is to sell out a show outside Kenya?

When we started Real House helps of Kawangware show, they said it would not go far but the show became a hit. When I left TV and became a content creator they asked why an actor would start doing skits,” he added.

Njugush expressed his gratitude towards his loyal fan base, acknowledging their unwavering support in defending him. He credited his fans for compelling Jua Cali to apologize for his remarks.

Seeing guys coming out…. I didn’t have to talk. This is the first time I am speaking about the situation. I had been on a flight the whole time. I had a layover and stayed at the business lounge but that’s beside the point. The point is that people see what you are doing,” he said.

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