Why Court Released Pastor Mackenzie’s Wife Rhoda Maweu

July 4, 2023
Paul Mackenzie and his wife Rhoda Maweu at Shanzu Law courts on July 3, 2023 Image: Charles Mghenyi

Rhoda Mumbua Maweu, the wife of the suspected cult leader Paul Mackenzie, was on Monday, July 3, released on a personal bond of Sh100,000 with a surety bond of Sh300,000.

Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda released Mumbua on the condition that she attends all court hearings.

In his ruling, the magistrate said the State had failed to demonstrate the reasons for detaining her along with her husband and 28 other individuals in connection with the Shakahola deaths.

Shikanda observed that the evidence and investigations presented in court by the prosecution did not establish her participation in cultic activities.

Rhoda Mumbua had spent 62 days in custody, with the court directing her to avail herself when summoned to any police station over the investigation should she be required.

The court however allowed the State to detain Paul Mackenzie and 16 other co-accused individuals for an additional 30 days.

Furthermore, the court ruled that another 11 suspects, who were initially presented in court on June 3, will be detained for a further three days before their next hearing.

The State has been asked to prove why it should continue holding them.

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