Village Elders Poised For Sh7,000 Monthly Stipend on State Payroll

July 25, 2023

The National Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee has given its approval for the allocation of Ksh 4 billion annually to be disbursed as allowances for village elders.

Under the leadership of Ndindi Nyoro, the committee endorsed the publication of the National Government Coordination Amendment Bill.

If adopted by parliament, the bill will ensure that each village elder receives a minimum of seven thousand shillings per month as part of their allowances.

The National Government Coordination Amendment Bill, sponsored by Kibwezi West Member of Parliament Mwengi Mutuse, aims to make it mandatory for the Government to provide remuneration to village elders for their essential role in coordinating government agendas.

As per the proposed legislation, every village elder will be entitled to a monthly allowance of Sh4,000, which will cover four meetings that are to be conducted with the chief.

Additionally, there will be a transport allowance of Sh 2,000 per month and an airtime allowance of Sh 1,000 per month for each village elder.

The Bill proposes the creation of village councils headed by a village administrator.

“The National government shall in respect of every village unit establish village councils headed by a village administrator, and appoint such village elders to the village council as may be necessary for purposes of coordination of National government functions,” the Bill reads.

The village administrator will serve as the chairperson of the village council. The council will consist of “not less than three and not more than five village elders” who will play an active role in the local governance and coordination of government activities within the village.

If the proposal is approved, the responsibility of appointing a village administrator for each village unit will be entrusted to the Public Service Commission.

The village administrator would be the lowest cadre of the NGAO offices, to add to county commissioners for every county, deputy county commissioner for each sub-county, assistant county commissioner for every ward, chiefs, and assistant chiefs.

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