Nairobi Bed Bug Menace: Matatus Urged To Fumigate Vehicles

July 25, 2023

Matatu drivers in Nairobi could soon be required to present certificates confirming that their vehicles have undergone fumigation. This in a bid to address the bedbug menace that has infested the city.

Nairobi County Assembly Health Committee Chairman Maurice Ochieng complained that despite complaints from passengers over bedbug infestation, most matatu saccos do not fumigate their vehicles.

“There is a lot of outcry from the public that the bedbugs are becoming a nuisance in matatus. We urge public service vehicles that operate within the city to fumigate their vehicles,” said Ochieng.

He said fumigation also aims to improve overall cleanliness and hygiene standards.

“We need to make sure that the hygiene standard of health in the city is maintained and after that, we are moving to schools for the same purpose,” he added.

The Mountain View Ward MCA strongly urged the county government to take decisive action against matatu saccos that fail to comply with the requirement of presenting fumigation certificates.

Ochieng’ also pointed out that similar complaints are emanating from eateries with regard to cockroaches and rodents.

“We are giving a notice to hotel owners to fumigate their hotels; not only to do away with rodents but cockroaches as well,” he said.

“The CEC for health should move with speed to ensure that matatu owners and hotel operators have certificates once they carry out fumigation so as to make enforcement work easier.”

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