Jomo Gecaga Responds To Anne Kiguta: ‘Kenyatta Family Wealth Does Not Belong To Me’

July 12, 2023

Jomo Gecaga says he is a responsible father to all his five children in response to a child maintenance suit filed by former Television presenter Anne Kiguta.

The journalist is demanding Sh2.7 million monthly upkeep for their twins from the former State House insider or an alternative lump sum of Sh413 million to take care of the children for a period of 12 years until they turn 18 years.

But in reply to Kiguta’s suit, Jomo Gecaga has told the court that the amount demanded by Kiguta is way above what he currently earns.

Gecaga says that he is neither a company owner nor a director. He has also stated that he will continue to provide for the minors within his means.

“I have been blessed with five children, who include, the twins born by the plaintiff, and three other children for whom I have parental responsibility. I confirm that I take care and provide for my five children to the best of my ability and within my means,” court papers read in part.

The nephew of former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who also worked as his private secretary, adds that it is unfair to associate him with wealth. He mentions that Anne Kiguta is likely under the impression that his relation to the Kenyatta family means he has access to their wealth.

“The plaintiff seems to be under the mistaken impression, that because I am related to the family of the former presidents of Kenya, the said family’s alleged wealth belongs to me and that I have access to it and to endless resources, and she has made extremely unreasonable and unrealistic demands, to fund an untenable lifestyle,” Gecaga argues.

Additionally, in the affidavit sworn on July 5, 2023, Jomo Gecaga asked the court to direct Kiguta to allow him custody of the minors.

“I urge the court to grant the following prayers: That both parents be granted the joint legal custody of the two children. That the defendant be granted the physical custody, care, and control of the children, with reasonable access rights to the plaintiff,” the affidavit reads in part.

“In the alternative, the parties be granted a shared custody order, with suitable modalities that will bear in mind the children’s convenience and comfort as well as the parents’ competence to take care of them,” Gecaga added.

The former president’s aide at the same time claims Kiguta is a successful journalist who is financially stable and capable of providing for the children as well.

He, therefore, wants the court to direct that the maintenance of the children be jointly and equally catered for by both parents.

Further, Gecaga mentions that there was nothing between him and Kiguta other than a brief encounter in 2015. He denies having a five-year relationship with Kiguta saying he neither spent time with her in the same house since the minors were born.

“The conception of the children was unplanned for and a surprise to me. However, I accepted the paternity of my twins and have since their birth provided for them to the best of my ability. I confirm that I have never been intimate with the plaintiff since the conception of the children,” he adds.

Jomo Gecaga adds that he has provided his children with a decent life and has always been available for them.

“I have provided for the accommodation, education, medical cover, clothes, house-helps, a driver to pick and drop the children to school, and security for my children and it is preposterous to hear the plaintiff state in her pleadings that she has had to take loans to maintain the children, when all the big expenses are catered for singlehandedly by myself, from the children’s birth to date,” he says.

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