New Uhuru Park, City Park Charges For Musicians, Preachers, and Politicians

July 12, 2023

The administration of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is proposing the implementation of new levies that target preachers, artists, and politicians utilizing the city’s recreational parks and grounds.

The proposed levies are outlined in the Nairobi County Finance Bill 2023, which was presented to the County Assembly by Mr. Charles Kerich, the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Planning.

The objective of the Bill is to boost the county’s own source revenue for the upcoming 2023/24 financial year. It seeks to increase the target from Sh10 billion, which was set by the previous administration, to Sh19.99 billion.

Kerich explained that in order to reach the revenue target, the county government plans to employ a combination of tax administration measures and tax policy reforms. These initiatives will be implemented through the Nairobi City County Revenue Authority (NCCRA), which will play a crucial role in enhancing tax collection efficiency and enforcing tax compliance.

To boost revenue collection from parks, the bill details the specific charges that would apply to the various groups that utilize the recreational grounds within the county.

Should the bill pass, lunchtime preachers at Uhuru and Central Parks will have to pay Sh1,000 every day. To spread the gospel at Jeevanjee Gardens and Kamukunji Grounds, preachers would have to part with Sh500 daily.

Religious rallies held at Kamukunji Grounds will be subject to a fee of Sh20,000 per day.

Nairobi county also plans to charge for music video shoots inside the revamped Uhuru and Central parks at a cost of Sh5,000 per hour.

Shooting commercial videos in both Uhuru Park and Central Park will incur a fee of Sh10,000 per hour. Additionally, any music concert held at Jevanjee Gardens will be subject to a charge of Sh10,000 per day.

The Bill has also introduced an annual fee of Sh4,000 for vendors using City Park and a trading license fee of Sh5,000 for vendors.

For organized groups using City Park, those consisting of fewer than 100 members will be charged Sh5,000 per year. On the other hand, organized groups with more than 100 members will face a fee of Sh10,000 annually.

Politicians have not been spared either, with organisers of political rallies required to pay Sh100,000 per day to use Kamukunji Grounds.

The Nairobi County Finance Bill 2023 is scheduled to be presented and tabled for discussion when the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) reconvene after their short break. This legislative process allows for further deliberation, review, and potential amendments to the proposed bill before it can be passed into law.

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