Huddah Tickles Winnie Odinga After Blasting Raila As a “failed coup planner”

July 18, 2023

Winnie Odinga has issued a response to socialite Huddah Monroe’s recent comments concerning her father, Raila Odinga, and his call for protests.

Huddah had taken to social media to slam the Opposition leader, accusing him of leading anti-government protests for self-serving reasons.

The popular social media personality raised doubts about Raila’s authenticity, suggesting that if he were genuinely fighting for the improvement of Kenya, the entire nation would be united in support of his cause.

“I’m all for the riots if it’s for change but because I hate how Raila Odinga doesn’t know how to put his agendas, I can’t be on the streets. The man is not fighting for us, he is fighting for his share on the table and just destroying the country,” Huddah wrote.

She went on to label Raila as a “riot master and failed coup planner”.

“If Raila was really fighting for this country and the betterment of Kenya and not his retirement, the entire country would on the streets but we know him as a riot master, failed coup planner, killer and destroyer since we came outta the womb,” Huddah added.

In response to her remarks, Winnie Odinga employed sarcasm to dismiss the cosmetics entrepreneur. She referred to Huddah as  ‘Kenya’s top political analyst’ saying her opinion was laughable, to say the least.

“Kenya’s top political analyst with another banger. Nimecheka machozi yote,” Winnie wrote.

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