Eric Omondi has been Sober For 7 Years: “I Used To Drink A lot”

July 6, 2023

Eric Omondi is a proud teetotaler of seven years, with the comedian recently revealing the reasons why he quit the bottle.

One of the reasons is that all the drinking and partying he usually partook in with the likes of Joe Muchiri affected his brand and public image. Eric Omondi also lamented that booze affected his health as it made him skinny and old.

“I don’t drink alcohol now for like seven years. I used to drink a lot, but I became so thin that I could not perform, and I also noticed that I would forget some jokes. I looked very old, so I decided to just quit it,” the comedian said in an interview with a local news outlet.

Eric Omondi also mentioned that drinking impacted his performances as he would forget some of his jokes.

The funnyman also spoke about smoking and his love for the tobacco smell, saying he has never tried it because he fears he would get hooked.

“I have also never smoked anything in my life but I love the tobacco smell. I am afraid I can easily become an addict if I ever try smoking,” he said.

Omondi advocated for sobriety saying it helps someone focus on what is important.

“Just like a drunk man takes a lot of time to get home, being sober helps you achieve your goal faster,” he reasoned.

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