Manager Explains Why Crazy Kennar Posted ‘Depression is Real’

July 6, 2023

Contrary to popular misconceptions that Crazy Kennar is struggling with mental health, Nairobi Wire understands that the content creator is doing well.

Kennar had elicited concerns among his fans after posting a cryptic message about depression on his socials.

“Depression is real,” Kennar simply wrote.

The post came in the wake of an alleged fallout between Kennar and his former crew members, who are pursuing their own solo careers.

Concerns about Crazy Kennar’s mental health have prompted his management to speak out, assuring that the popular funny man is okay.

“Kennar is okay and we thank all those who reached out and sent messages of encouragement,” said his manager Edwin.

The manager said netizens overreacted to the comedian’s post and explained that it was related to his new campaign against depression.

“His post on depression elicited a lot of reactions but we would like to inform his fans that it is part of his campaign to fight against depression,” the manager said.

Edwin also told Kennar’s fans to expect more projects in the foreseeable future. “They should buckle up for more engaging and relatable content in the coming days,” he said.

Regarding the cast mates who unfollowed Kennar, Edu confirmed that some had chosen to unfollow him on their socials. However, Edu declined to provide any further comments on the matter.

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