CS Nakhumicha Sets Condition For Bodaboda Riders To Qualify For Insurance Cover

July 5, 2023

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has announced that boda boda riders will be provided with insurance coverage, subject to a mandatory requirement of undergoing First Aid training.

“A week ago together with my colleague Murkomen, we launched a program for the boda bodas that we are giving them insurance, but as a condition for one to qualify for that insurance, they have to be trained in First Aid,” Nakhumicha said Tuesday, July 4.

She was speaking during a memorial service for the victims of the Londiani road crash that claimed 52 lives and injured at least 30 people.

CS Nakhumicha stressed the importance of mandatory First Aid training for boda boda riders, saying riders often respond fastest to accident scenes, making it essential for them to possess the necessary skills to provide immediate assistance in such situations.

“The reason why we are training them in First Aid is so that they are able also to respond because in most cases we find that they are among the first responders in time of such an accident,” she said.

Additionally, the Health Minister announced that the ministry is currently assessing all health facilities nationwide with a view to determining the specific equipment needs for each level of service provided by these facilities.

CS Nakhumicha reassured the public that the national government will collaborate with the County governments to equip health facilities with the necessary instruments required for handling emergencies.

She added that the ministry is committed to strengthening the referral system by ensuring an adequate number of ambulances are available to facilitate the smooth transfer of patients to suitable healthcare facilities.

Nakhumicha also announced that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has established an emergency contact number, 1199. She urged the public to use this number in case of emergencies.

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