Amira Issues Demand Letter to Her Facebook Bully

July 20, 2023

Amira, the ex-wife of Jamal Roho Safi, has issued a warning to one Irene Mwende Mutie, accusing her of defaming her on social media.

Amira’s lawyers stated that the woman had posted ‘highly defamatory’ statements on various occasions, making them accessible to millions of people. In response to these actions, Amira has taken legal action to address the situation and protect her reputation.

According to Amira’s legal team, as a consequence of the defamatory posts made by Mwende, their client has suffered financial losses in her business endeavors. Moreover, they accused Mwende of directly threatening Amira and deemed her social media posts as ‘reckless and unethical.’

“This woman has bullied me on Facebook for long and I am tired. I have more than 15 screenshots of different things you have been writing about me.

“I hope you were ready to be sued for defamation. Her socials are the life of Irene and she has 100 pseudos. I hope you are aware that the letter has been sent to KEBS (her place of work) Since you have blocked my lawyer on WhatsApp, hayaa vuta stool uisomee hapa,” wrote Amira.

Mwende has been instructed by Amira’s legal team to draft an immediate apology, specifically addressed to the same social media platforms where the defamatory posts were made.

The legal team has warned that if Mwende fails to comply with this instruction, they will initiate legal proceedings against her to seek redress for the defamation and its consequences.

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