Woman Murders Daughter, Mother, then Dies by Suicide in Bondo

June 9, 2023

A 30-year-old woman reportedly murdered her daughter and mother, assaulted her boyfriend, and subsequently took her own life, leaving residents of Nyangera Kambajo village in Bondo sub-county in a state of disbelief.

Macrine Atieno is alleged to have committed the murders of her mother, Peris Anyango, 55, and daughter, Eliza Akinyi, 10 on Wednesday.

Atieno reportedly proceeded to assault her 35-year-old boyfriend Kennedy Onyango before ultimately taking her own life.

Usire Assistant Chief Austin Bunde said he received a distress call at approximately 12:30 am, informing him that Kennedy Onyango had been subjected to an attack involving a panga (machete) and was in critical condition.

“We were alerted to the incident by a member of the public. On getting to the scene, we found the bodies of a woman identified as Peris Anyango and Eliza Akinyi locked inside one of the houses in the compound,” Bunde said.

The administrator said they found the body of the suspect hanging from a rope a few metres away.

“Our main suspect was the late Anyango’s daughter. After a short search, we were informed that she was hanging from a tree about 100 metres from her house,” said the assistant chief.

“The boyfriend, identified as Kennedy Onyango, was asleep when she arrived at the house. Once inside, she attacked him with a sharp object, leaving him seriously injured. He is currently recuperating at Bondo sub-county hospital and will assist the police with investigations.”

Bunde mentioned that the homestead of Onyango and that of Macrine are about 100 metres apart.

The bodies were moved to Bondo sub-county mortuary for post-mortem examination as detectives launched investigtions.

“The motive behind this all is still unknown,” the assistant chief said.

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