Nakuru Woman Reportedly Vomits Dead Rat

June 30, 2023

A bizarre incident has reportedly shocked Ndaragu village in Njoro, Nakuru County after a middle-aged woman vomited a rat.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, the mother of four was feeling unwell before she regurgitated a dead rat Wednesday night. The woman said she started experiencing discomfort at the stroke of midnight and subsequently started vomiting.

She reportedly added that at around 3 am, she felt a foreign object lodged in her throat and forced it out. After successfully removing it, she used a torch and discovered the lifeless rat in the basin she was vomiting in.

Speaking to the media at the woman’s residence, her father and the village elders said they suspect that someone who had engaged in a public disagreement with the woman might be responsible for the incident.

After the incident, the woman is said to have returned to bed and remained asleep while the news spread throughout the village.

In the morning, locals began flocking to the village after the woman’s father informed the neighbors about what had transpired.

Citizen reports that village elders were preparing to conduct a ritual in the wake of the incident.

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