Things to know about model Neema Njagi: I use my beauty to inspire young girls

May 15, 2023

Neema Njagi spoke to the Nairobian about what being a model entails and why being an agent of change is vital at this time.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I like to think of myself as bold, resilient and a go-getter. I’m a model, a clinician and also an entrepreneur from Kirinyaga county.

When did you realise you could model?

My dream and passion pushed me to the runway. I remember when I was a little girl and I couldn’t wait to watch Miss Universe on TV year after year. I made it known to my family and friends early on that one day I would be on the runway and year after year they reminded me until I found myself chasing my dream.

What influenced or inspired your venture into modelling?

I have always wanted to venture into modelling given my passion for fashion, beauty and my drive to make a difference in society. Moreover, I have had various mentors in my life that pushed me towards that direction.

What’s your typical day as a beauty queen?

My day starts with a lot of self-affirmation. Knowing that I’m a queen even when I don’t feel like it, knowing that I carry inspiration for young girls and that I have an agenda to stand for to make my community a better place.

What are these inspirations?

My mission is to change the world with my smile and not let the world change my smile. I aim to move with confidence and a wide smile. I’ve heard people say modelling can’t be hard, that it’s basically walking from point A to point B. My response to that is that yes that could be true but not completely. It’s not just moving, but how you carry yourself and the message you are relaying.

Is beauty overrated?

Honestly, it can be if it’s without purpose. It is about how you use your beauty to impact lives and be a source of inspiration. With that in mind, beauty touches on personality, character and self-esteem. Self-belief brings out the true meaning and feeling of beauty since one is able to love and accept oneself as well as others, thus creating confidence, inner security in one’s personality, better character and high self-esteem.

Where do you get your sense of style?

Style to me is not just about making a good impression, it’s about wearing my clothing with confidence and projecting my uniqueness.  What’s important is that I allow my style to carry through to any and every occasion. My style reflects my personality, but it also makes sense in terms of my overall lifestyle, where I live, and the line of work I’m in. As a medic, I might not have much freedom, but that doesn’t mean my cultural side has to suffer. I always find a way to give a nod to my style when I put together an outfit for any event.

What does it take to be a model?

It takes a lot of self-belief, confidence, passion, commitment, and the feeling that you give your audience on the runway a vision. The most important aspect is one’s vision, what they stand for, their purpose and mission in society to make the world a better place.

You are a clinician. How do you balance your career and modelling?

Having two careers can be a bit hectic but my passion and drive for them both is what keeps me afloat.

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