Jackie Matubia shuts down break-up rumors, prays for ‘miserable’ rumormongers to find happiness

May 4, 2023

Actress and YouTuber Jackie Matubia has responded to reports going around that all is not well between her and her fiance Blessing Lung’aho.

The rumors that have been spreading like bushfire for weeks gathered pace on April 24 when Jackie failed to wish Blessing a happy birthday in a social media post. Social media busybodies saw this as the clearest sign that Jackie and Blessing are no longer together.

But a seemingly unfazed Jackie has indicated that they are good; “People want you to be unhappy soooo bad… nah, WE BLESSED OVER HERE!!!”


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In another post on her InstaStories, Jackie sent a word of prayer to rumormongers to find some happiness.

“I pray you all find happiness so that you can stop being so MISERABLE!!!”

The actress also had a run-in with an Instagram user who accused her of posting passive-aggressive videos about Blessing.

The netizen wrote on one of her videos: “Maybe just tell us you are mad at Blessing instead of all the passive-aggressive videos… just saying. I’ve just seen a lot of your videos lately about men cheating, being a strong woman etc. Which to me is indirectly telling us all is not well.”

In response, the mother of two wrote: “Passive aggressive videos??? Lol, I’m always posting… hun stop being a monitoring spirit and focus on your sight!”


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A post shared by Jackie Matubia (@jmatubia)

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