Obinna Reveals how much he wanted to be paid before he quit Kiss Fm

April 27, 2023

It appears the personal reason Obinna was citing after he quit Kiss FM was all about the money.

Apparently, the Radio Africa Group-owned station could not meet his salary expectation. The comedian dropped the hint on social media during an interaction with fellow comedian Eddie Butita.

Butita was expressing his interest in replacing Obinna on The Morning Kiss breakfast show and quoted his salary expectation.

“Dear @kiss100kenya mko na 1 million per month? Price is not negotiable #ikokazikenya,” Butita wrote.

Obinna responded revealing that he asked for a similar amount during negotiations with Radio Africa.

“Hata mimi nilitaka hiyo ikakuwa tricks (I also wanted the same amount but it was tricky)… punguza kidogo economy ni mbaya (reduce that figure, the economy is bad) Cheza na 700 hapo (ask for about Sh700,000). All the best,” Obinna told Butita.

Speaking earlier, Obinna said he is open to another radio job but would do it for money.

“If I get another opportunity on radio, I will go back there and do any show, whether breakfast or drive. I will do it for the money. It used to be for the love, but we can’t feed our children with love, it is for the money,” he said.

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