Njugush not giving up on Radio dream after turning down Kiss FM job

April 27, 2023

Content creator Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has opened up about his dream of working in radio despite turning down a job offer from Kiss FM.

The comedian said the Radio Africa-owned station approached him with an offer last year but they could not reach an agreement that worked for him.

“There was that time in 2022 Kiss FM wanted to hire me but it didn’t work out. There was that suggestion but the particular segment didn’t work out because of a few issues. Majorly it was because of time,” Njugush said as quoted by the Nairobi News.

“I love radio very much. The main problem is the time they wanted me for the show,” he added, without revealing details of the show he was approached to host.

Njugush explained that as a freelance content creator, he is sometimes required to travel for a week or more.

“If you are on radio, you will just let the opportunity pass yet those people won’t understand that you are on radio.

“As freelancers, any job counts and they are not regular,” he said.

Njugush said he is not giving up on his dream. “It could be in a big or even the smallest radio station but I will make it there. Soon, you might hear me on a radio near you.”

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