Obinna on Kiss FM Exit: I have achieved what I wanted

April 26, 2023

Oga Obinna(born Steve Thompson Maghana0 has left Kiss FM after one year with the Radio Africa Group-owned radio station.

The comedian hosted his last show alongside Sheila Kwamboka(Kwambox) on Monday, April 17, 2023.

Obinna refuted reports that he had been shown the door saying both parties agreed to end their relationship amicably.

“I’m no longer at Kiss. I have finished my contract…Those saying I have been fired, it is still very okay but my reason is very personal,” he said.

Obinna said working at Kiss FM was a dream come true; “I have tried being on Kiss since 2013 and guess what 2022 happened and I got the breakfast show on Kiss FM.”

“The experience has been beautiful and I have achieved my dream and did everything I wanted to do. And everything I do from now henceforth will be extra.

“If it’s a job or a car, I will be extra. I have driven the car I wanted to drive (apart from Range Rover Sport), lived in the houses I wanted, and worked in an organization I always wanted… I have achieved what I wanted to do and now we move.”

Speaking to Mpasho, the YouTuber expressed gratitude to Radio Africa for the gig.

“I have learnt that when an organization cares about its people and talent they thrive more.  I have worked in organizations where they really don’t care about their employees. But here I was myself, dressed the way I want and doing my thing.

“I know the reason as to why I have left so let those who want to speculate do it, it’s their job… it’s good vibes all around it, and people should not feel bad about it or anything. It’s been a nice run and maybe I might come back or maybe I will not. Time will tell,” Obinna said.

On his next move, the funnyman said: “I am going back to be doing my content creation. I have enough time to do that as I also concentrate on other things.”

Obinna also said he is still open for another radio job. “If I get another opportunity on radio, I will go back there and do any show, whether breakfast or drive. I will do it for the money. It used to be for the love, but we can’t feed our children with love, it is for the money,” he said.

“Waking up in the morning was the biggest challenge but radio was therapy to me. Let’s meet in the street and say hey when you meet me. I am a jack of all trades and so, expect more of Obinna traveling and more on the ground,” Obinna said.

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