Maureen Waititu loses 22 Kgs. Check out her before, after Photos

April 26, 2023

Content creator Maureen Waititu is reveling in the results of a gastric balloon that has seen her lose 22 kilos in just five months.

The YouTuber is the latest Kenyan influencer to undergo the weight loss procedure at the Nairobi Bariatric Center.

Ms Waititu provided an update on her progress through her lifestyle YouTube channel, revealing that she now weighs 72 kg.

The mother of two said she still has 10 more kilos to shed in an attempt to regain her slim figure from two years ago.

“I am sure people who have always known me from way before have always seen me as this fit girl with a slim figure, until like 2 years ago. Something happened to my weight. I ended up adding so much weight, I gained over 30kgs and I did a procedure about 5 months ago, that is October 31st at Nairobi Bariatric. Since then, I’ve lost over 20kgs, and I still have about 10 more to go,” she said.

On her Instagram page, Waititu shared pictures showing her transformation. The pictures show when she weighed 94kgs before she lost 22 kilos.

Another shows when she was 9 months pregnant with both boys weighing 73 and 83 kgs respectively.

She wrote: “The goal is to stay healthy and fit for me and my loved ones especially the boys long term-they need a healthy mummy and I’ll give them just that.”

Check her out below.

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