Sakaja Slams Nyong’o: ‘Keep Your Protests In Kisumu’

March 30, 2023

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has slammed his Kisumu County counterpart Anyang’ Nyong’o over plans to ferry Azimio protesters to the capital on Thursday.

Nyong’o on Wednesday said the planned Azimio demonstrations in Kisumu had been indefinitely suspended to allow residents to travel to and join the Nairobi protests.

“All public demonstrations within Kisumu County have from today been suspended indefinitely so that we can join demonstrations in Nairobi,” Nyong’o said.

The Kisumu governor said the decision was arrived at after consultations with the Azimio national leadership and the Kisumu County Executive Committee.

But Sakaja opposed the plans saying Nairobi has already borne the brunt of the mass protests.

“The Governor of Kisumu’s idea that he can export his demonstrations to Nairobi and make our county the capital of demonstrations and associated mayhem is preposterous and totally unacceptable,” Sakaja said Wednesday.

He added: “In the spirit of devolution, I would advise the Governor of Kisumu, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o to keep his demonstrations to his county.”

Governor Sakaja declared that further protests shall not be allowed to take place within Nairobi County.

“It has been decided that further protests and demonstrations shall similarly no longer take place in any part of the city,” he said.

Sakaja noted that Nairobi dwellers have patiently put up with Azimio demos and are not ready for further disruptions.

“My administration is working round the clock to enable the city county serve not just Nairobi but the people of Kenya in realising their aspirations which is why we are obliged to protect lives and livelihoods,” he said.

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