Assault Suspect Asks Judge To Buy Him Ugali and Release Him on Sh2K Cash Bail

March 15, 2023

A man accused of assault stunned a court in Eldoret on Tuesday, March 14 when he demanded his favorite meal of Ugali.

Japheth Olindo, who works as a security guard, told presiding judge Keynes Odhiambo to buy him Ugali saying he was about to faint from hunger.

Olindo informed the judge that he hadn’t eaten his favourite meal since his arrest. He argued that unless he ate ugali, he would not be able to follow the court proceedings.

“Your honor before charging me kindly buy me ugali. I am very hungry. No food was given to me while in the police cell. I am about to faint in your court, please do something before charging me,” he said, leaving the courtroom in stitches.

Judge Odhiambo assured the accused that he would buy him lunch but not before he delivered his verdict.

“I have heard your concerns and for today I will make sure that I buy you food before leaving this court, just take your plea and count on my promise,” the magistrate said.

Japheth Olindo is accused of assaulting three people in Sugoi, Turbo on Friday, March 10.

He denied the charges and further left the court in stitches when he set his own bail amount.

The accused asked the judge to release him on Sh2,000 cash bail, arguing that if he went to jail for too long, his wife would be ‘stolen’.

“As I stand in the dock my worry is if I will be detained for long someone might rob me of my beautiful wife. She is even here in court together with my child, kindly release me on Sh2,000 bond and I will comply with court directions by ensuring that I always come to court whenever required,” he pleaded.

The judge released him on a cash bail of Sh10,000 and schedule the hearing of the case for Thursday, March 16.

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