Pastor Sue Munene To Trademark ‘Twa Twa’ Phrase, But Not For Commercial Purposes

March 15, 2023

Pastor Sue Munene is currently seeking to trademark the viral euphemism- ‘Twa Twa’ – that she coined in 2019 during a church service to mean sex between married partners.

The cofounding preacher of the Overcomers Hope Ministry church in Nairobi has applied to Kenya Industrial Property Institute (Kipi) for the trademark.

In the February edition of the monthly journal from KIPI, pastor Sue wants to register “twa twa” in class 41 which means that, if she is granted the trademark, she have the right to use them exclusively in activities that are religious or educational.

Class 41 is one of the 45 classes where trademarks are sought. The class also covers personal training, educational information, entertainment and cultural activities.

In her application to Kipi dated January 2021 , pastor Sue said: “The proposed mark is a symbolic non-linguistic voice tag popularised by (the applicant) commonly denoting relationship intimacy.”

However, Pastor Sue will not be seeking any monetary gain from ‘Twa Twa’ trademark. In an interview with Sunday Nation, the preacher said the trademark is only for ownership.

“It’s ownership, not for any other purpose. Not for commercial, not for anything. You see the way people say they want to be paid? That is being selfish,” she said.

“We(with husband Pastor Joseph Munene) wanted to register it in January 2020. Then we went to the US and stayed there for nine months and the matter died,” Sue added.

“If I were asked today, ‘What is the meaning of twa twa?’ I would say this is a coded language for God-given sex in marriage,” she explained.

The pastor also disclosed that the fame she got from the viral phrase elevated their ministry to the whole world.

“Anywhere I go, they don’t call me Sue. They call me ‘mtu wa twa twa.’ So, it has opened doors. I have had platforms to speak the mind of God concerning marriage, relationships, you know, bringing order to the mountain of marriage,” pastor Sue said.

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