TikTok Star Alby Quits: I Will Never do a Video with any Stranger in Kenya

February 28, 2023

TikTok content creator Mohammed Assad Alby, popularly known as King of Smiles, says he is done trying to make strangers smile.

Alby, who uses pick-up lines on random strangers and films their reactions, claims he is facing a lawsuit from someone he filmed in his videos.

“After I post the next few videos I have in my gallery, I will never do a video with any stranger in Kenya. I’m completely done with spreading smiles because at the end of the day what it’s gotten me is making me not even want to see another day,” Alby said.

In another post on his Instastories, Alby shared a court hearing notice scheduled for March 15.

He captioned it: “This is what being good gets you. I’ve held on for so long. I’ve shot so many videos in the past months bringing smiles to people yet I’m sinking mentally so badly because I’m getting sued for making someone smile.”

Alby said he is devastated having worked hard to build his own brand only for other people to bring him down.

“Of all the content creators in Kenya, sue the one person who was genuinely spreading smiles and destroy him. What a world we live in.

“I’m just tired of these lonely mental battles. Working so hard for a year only to be dragged down so bad and so hard,” he wrote.

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Below are some screengrabs of Alby’s statements.

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