Three Actually Helpful Gadgets Every Student Should Use

February 3, 2023

College years are a special time of your life. It’s the time when you get more independence. You start figuring out how to make your own decisions and how to take responsibility for your mistakes. It’s also the time of wild parties.

And it’s when you may make sure that you were right about the prospective career path, or you may discover new talents that will impact your future. 

Something is missing here… Oh, right! It’s also the time for a lot of studying. Quite often, you find yourself buried under piles of assignments. You’re struggling with studies/work/life balance, as you may take odd jobs to pay your tuition and rent if that’s the case. 

There’s also a chance that you’re living in constant fear during your college years. Balancing work and studies can make you easily forget that you have to prepare for your dissertation.

Gladly, you know that you can rely on help from a essay writer service, which will do all the dirty work for you. Thus, based on everything mentioned above, your college life requirements are:

* Odd jobs to pay the rent
* Wisdom to avoid making mistakes
* Alka-Seltzer to survive through wild parties
* Fortune-tellers that will suggest a correct career path
* Custom writing services to take care of writing assignments

Okay, just kidding, more or less. There are other things you must have, so you can feel more comfortable going through college years. And, as we’re living in the digital era, the good news for IT geeks, they are mainly gadgets.

So, let’s check out helpful gadgets that you should use as a student without any further ado. 

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

When you’re studying at college or university, you cannot avoid taking notes during classes. Students generally fall into two categories when it comes to taking notes.

Those who would rather write things down in the notebook and those who prefer to use the laptop and take notes by typing them down. If you are a proud owner of Rocketbook Everlast, you don’t have to choose. 

The smart reusable notebook allows you to do both things simultaneously. The notebook comes with the Rocketbook app and a special pen.

You need to write with a special pen and then scan the pages using the application. You then send the scanned pages to the preferred cloud, be it Google Drive, Dropbox, or something else.

Then, you can clean the pages — Rocketbook has just a few of them — and make new notes, and then repeat the process. 

The notes are not saved as simple scans of pages. They get optimized, so you can search for a particular page using the keywords. Basically, things work just as with the typed text.

There’s only one downside of Rocketbook. If you want to search through the pages using keywords, your handwriting must be bearable. The worse your handwriting is, the harder it is to find the necessary page. 

Tribit QuietPlus

Studying often requires complete silence, so you can focus on the materials that you’re researching. You need to hear your own thoughts when you are writing your essay or any other writing assignment.

Yes, a lot of students prefer studying with some background noise — podcasts or music — but it’s always the noise that they choose. 

You may get into situations when you’ll have to finish your paper in a café or prepare for the exam when your neighbors upstairs are having a party.

Needless to say that expecting complete silence or a preferable background noise would be useless. But you can avoid this problem with Tribit QuietPlus noise-canceling headphones.  

Of course, Tribit QuietPlus is far from being the best noise-canceling headphones, it is very student-friendly budget-wise. The headphones do have the noise-canceling feature, but you don’t have to waste up to $300 on them, as they are in the $50-$70 price range. 

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t block the noise. You won’t hear what people say at the table next to you in the café, and you don’t have to hate your neighbors for partying at the wrong time. 

And you don’t have to worry that you may be wearing the headphones for too long.

They fit over your ear, which makes them a lot more comfortable to wear for as long as you want, unlike on-ear headphones, which cause your ears to hurt after using them for several hours. 

Amazon Kindle

Digital, audio, or physical books — the debate is still ongoing. Still, when you check the bestsellers list, numbers say everything. Physical books are still the main force in the market, selling millions each year.

There are just a few digital books that sold over one million units. An audiobook to reach one million units is nowhere to be found. But enough with the market data. 

You may adore hardcover and paperback editions of books by your favorite authors all you want, but running around the campus with numerous textbooks is a bane of a student’s life. And you are ready to give everything to avoid it. Well, you don’t have to give everything, but you must be ready to invest up to $150 into purchasing Amazon Kindle. 

The e-reader can last for several weeks on one charge. You no longer have to drag those textbooks from your apartment to class. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to say goodbye to physical textbooks.

Everything seems perfect, right? However, there’s one downside that prevents Amazon Kindle from being a perfect remedy for the weight of studies. 

Not all textbooks that can be crucial for your studies are available in the e-book format. So, while you may forget about dragging around physical versions of some of them, others will still go into your bag.

But, hey, Amazon Kindle still means that your bag will be several pounds lighter. 

Final Thoughts

Those three items are just the peak of the iceberg of gadgets that can come in handy for students. There are folding keyboards, Wi-Fi range extenders, laptop trays with fans, and external hard drives that can also be quite useful for your studies and life in college.

Still, if you want to keep your notes in one cloud and not in several notebooks, make sure that you can find a quiet place for studying anywhere; drag fewer textbooks — those three are your go-to options. 

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