7 Ways Students Can Use ChatGPT

February 3, 2023

The impact of new technology on education is a timeless topic. For decades, we’ve seen how different gadgets are changing teaching and learning while also making students’ lives easier.

At this point, there is already lots of technology that students know, love, and use on a daily basis to achieve academic success. Yet, even more, advancements are yet to come.

For example, one of the hottest topics of 2023 is ChatGPT and its possible uses and effects in the educational sector. In this article, we will tell you how students can use this technology to their benefit at this point.

Understand Different Topics With Ease

Students, especially in college and university, have to deal with complex topics that are hard to break down and understand. Often, this gets in the way of their success. A complex topic is one of the most common reasons why students ask professionals, “please, pay someone to write my paper,” and delegate their assignments.

Of course, professional writing services help them handle the tasks and boost their grades. However, if they didn’t understand the topic in the first place, they would not understand it without additional effort.

And if they don’t understand it, it can hold them back from understanding the following topics.

That’s where ChatGPT can help. It can adapt a piece of text (for example, from a textbook) for specific audiences. That is, it can simplify complex topics and make them easier to understand. You can use this feature to study easier and better.

Create Essay Prompts

Academic writing is an integral part of the curriculum. Every semester, students have to write dozens of papers, which is why they have to bring this skill to perfection in order to succeed in school. Delegating papers to the best paper writing services is one way to ensure success.

Professional writers can craft papers for you from scratch and help you get high grades with ease. Also, such services can save you plenty of time. And you can use it and ChatGPT to hone your own writing skills.

AI can generate interesting essay prompts for you in seconds. You can use them to practice writing and take your skills to the next level. Also, you can use this feature to generate discussion prompts for your group study sessions.

Generate Examples of Different Concepts

Another cool way to use ChatGPT as a student is to ask it to generate examples to illustrate different concepts. Let’s say you are studying math and need to learn a new formula.

You can ask AI to show you some examples of how this formula is used in real life and practice your skills using these examples.

Same way, this tool can create lists of examples for pretty much any subject and purpose. You can ask it to show you examples of different literary devices or historical events, etc. This can be very handy in the learning process.

Practice Vocabulary

A solid vocabulary is a must-have for every modern student. Without it, you will never ace academic writing. Moreover, lacking vocabulary can make you a generally not-as-intelligent person. The good news is that modern tech can help you with expanding and practicing your vocabulary.

ChatGPT is an incredibly smart tool that can perform a variety of commands. While testing it, users discovered that if you ask the bot to help you learn a specific word, it will give you the definition of this word and many examples of its use.

Also, you can give it a list of words and ask to test your knowledge. In this case, the tool will create a unique quiz and multiple-choice questions to help you memorize the given words.

Clarify Concepts

Apart from adapting large pieces of text for a better understanding, ChatGPT can answer a variety of questions. And this is one more way how students can use it to their benefit. To use this feature, all you need is to formulate a question and ask AI to answer it.

Users revealed that the tool could clarify a limitless number of questions and topics. For example, you can ask about literature, math, science, history, grammar, etc.

This can come especially in handy during your at-home study sessions when the teacher is not around to answer your questions, and you need some extra assistance to handle the task.

Revise and Edit Your Papers

This is probably the least-known feature, but it’s still there. According to specialists, ChatGPT can actually provide accurate and objective feedback on students’ writing. This feature will definitely come in handy during the proofreading and editing process of your papers.

In order to receive your feedback, all you need is to insert a sample of your writing and ask AI to analyze it and give you feedback. The system will be able to spot and showcase the strong and weak points in your papers.

Namely, it will be able to give helpful suggestions on how to improve the structure, grammar, word choice, and readability of your text. Also, it can analyze its consistency and a number of other mistakes.

Prepare for Exams

Finally, since ChatGPT can perform pretty much any task related to language, writing, and clarification, it can also be used as a part of your test prep routine. You can ask the bot to explain the topics you don’t get or test your knowledge of the subject.

Also, you can ask it to generate multiple-choice questions on a specific subject to help you practice your answers before the exam. This feature is also pretty helpful.

The Bottom Line

Without any doubt, ChatGPT is an impressive tool. This AI-powered bot can perform a variety of tasks and serve many purposes. As you know, there are quite a few ways students can use this great software to learn easily yet effectively.

And even though there are still many concerns regarding this tool and its applications, we believe that it has a huge potential in the educational sector.

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