Ruto Responds To Raila Odinga’s Mass Action Threat

February 23, 2023

President William Ruto has dared Opposition leader Raila Odinga to make real his threat of mass action.

On Wednesday, Odinga said he would lead a countrywide mass action to protest against the high cost of living and President William Ruto’s administration.

The Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya leader gave the Kenya Kwanza government a 14-day mass action ultimatum to meet their demands.

“We’ve talked about the rising cost of basic commodities like unga, electricity, fuel, sugar and milk among others for far too long. We have complained about rising taxes and talked about children dropping out of school for lack of fees. Withdrawal of subsidies to food and education in the middle of drought and famine was reckless and heartless. Consequently, the subsidies must be restored, and the cost of basic commodities and taxes must come down in the next 14 days,” Raila said.

He added: “If these demands are not heeded within 14 days we shall lead Kenyans into mass action across the country to have their power back and restore their country.”

In response, President Ruto appeared unfazed by the mass action threat.

“They are threatening us with mass action. They will demonstrate till they grow tired, because Kenya is going is going to be a country ran on the basis of the rule of law and the constitution. And all citizens have an equal opportunity and no citizen is greater than the other,” said Ruto.

The President said his government will not be threatened with impunity.

“As president, I am going to make sure that we avoid and banish impunity. There is nobody who is going to threaten Kenya with impunity. Everybody must respect the law, and this country is going to be governed by the rule of law. We will make sure that everybody obeys the constitution and works and respects the rule of law.

“I want to tell our friends who are used to impunity and forcing their way, they will have no way because this is going to be a country based on the rule of law,” he said.

Ruto further asked the opposition to give the government more time.

“I want to tell them to give us time to clean up Nairobi city, to eradicate sewage and litter from Nairobi river, and show them how the city should look like. I want to plead with our friends not to ask us about the 2027 elections… they are five years away, we want to talk about the affairs of our citizens at the moment and in the near future until that time comes.”

Ruto spoke during the launch of the Nairobi Rivers Commission in Korogocho.

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