Rose Muhando Names Her Favorite Gospel Artistes in Kenya

February 2, 2023

Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is a huge fan of Kenya’s Guardian Angel.

Speaking recently while in Kenya, Muhando listed the gospel artists she likes in Kenya and named the award-winning singer as her favourite.

“All their songs are good. Size 8 who I have a song with, Betty Bayo, Solomon Mukubwa, and Guardian Angel,” she said.

Muhando said she has known Guardian Angel for a long time and that she would be happy to collaborate with him.

“I love Guardian Angel and the way he sings. His way of singing, there is that flavour he puts in his songs. I have known him since he was starting off in the industry, and we have been together at various events,” she said.

Guardian Angel happened to see the interview and manifested a collab with Rose Muhando this year.

“2023 Mungu awezeshe,” Guardian said.

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