Nairobi MP Condemns President Ruto For Harassing Uhuru Kenyatta

February 3, 2023

President William Ruto has been accused of having a personal vendetta against his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta following recent attacks against the former Head of State by members of the Kenya Kwanza government.

George Aladwa, the MP for Makadara constituency in Nairobi, said Ruto should stop his allies from ridiculing a former Head of State and the former First Family.

According to Aladwa, President Ruto and his camp are attacking Uhuru to cover up for their failure to deliver their campaign promises to Kenyans.

“As elected leaders, we strongly condemn this unwarranted attack on H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and his family from leaders of a regime that is on a downward trajectory,” the MP said Thursday.

Aladwa further laughed off claims by Ruto’s camps that Uhuru Kenyatta is financing Azimio rallies.

“Outrageously, the President and his key men have claimed without an iota of evidence that President Uhuru Kenyatta is funding the ongoing Azimio public consultations. What a joke!”

Aladwa noted that Raila Odinga has been running political rallies for decades.

“Raila Odinga and his troops have for the last 30 plus years held rallies across the country to agitate for reforms and push for policies that are pro-people. Has UDA just woken up to realise that Baba is doing what he does best? Has Uhuru Kenyatta been funding these rallies since the 1990s?” he posed.

Aladwa said Uhuru is an honorable man because he handed over power peacefully, and therefore, he should not be harassed.

“President Moi never harassed the family of Jomo Kenyatta and similarly Kibaki kept the tradition on Moi and his family. Uhuru too did honour Kibaki and his family. Why will William Ruto want to reinvent the wheel?” he posed.

Aladwa also addressed Kenya Kwanza’s allegations that the Kenyatta family has been evading taxes.

“This can only lead to one conclusion; its mere noise. Unfortunately, we know the money will end up in pockets of individuals with questionable characters that dominate key appointments in his government,” he said.

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