France: World Cup Betting Reveals Effective Ad Restrictions

February 21, 2023

The Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s unified gaming authority, has expressed satisfaction with the results of its ‘World Cup assessment’,  which required licensed sports betting operators to limit the intensity of their promotions during the World Cup in Qatar.

France’s steps to curb World Cup betting advertising were highly effective, as licensed operators in the country followed gaming regulators’ instructions to raise public awareness about the dangers of excessive gambling and dispel wrong assumptions about sports betting.

This was achieved by simply changing the tone of the operators’ advertising messages.

The Research

The French gambling regulator commissioned two studies in September 2021 to investigate online casinos and sports betting advertising and their impact on society.

According to the findings, consumers were most vulnerable during sports seasons when unlimited advertisements were available.

The research revealed that young teenagers were heavily involved in online gambling, prompting the commission to propose new legislation.

According to the l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), gambling marketing campaigns primarily informed their target audience on everything they needed to know including eligibility.

Such targeted audiences had no way to determine whether the information they received was verified or not. 

The Regulator’s New Rules 

The new rules implemented by the regulator have been designed to bring greater clarity and transparency to the advertising and marketing practices of internet gambling companies.

These measures are intended to enhance consumer protection, increase transparency, and prevent fraud.

Under these regulations, all gambling promotions aimed at children are banned, as are any advertisements featuring cameos by young people’s favorite celebrities. Additionally, all gambling advertisements that suggest gambling as an alternative to working or as a way to achieve success in life have been prohibited.

The ANJ also issued recommendations for the gambling industry, such as agreeing to a maximum number of advertisements per advertising slot on television, the internet, and radio, as well as providing bettors with the choice to opt out of or limit their exposure to gambling advertisements while scrolling through.

Putting Gambling Laws into Practice During the World Cup

ANJ was keen to observe the implementation of new gambling laws during the 2022 World Cup, a high season for Online Sports Betting sites. They received positive feedback and reported that the operators responded well to their advertising campaigns.

The tone of advertising changed as a result of their insights. There was less emphasis on external indicators of wealth or false beliefs about potential changes in social status.

ANJ also observed less blatant targeting of young individuals, mostly from the working class. The remarks made on television, radio, and billboards were largely regarded as respectful and open. Financial betting procedures were also explained.

Bettors could also access their finances without the worry of unintentionally losing money. Bet bonuses have improved dramatically, and new bettors may now play comfortably.

The implementation of the gaming laws modifications also included a bonus cap of 100 euros. The general norm for betting providers was to eliminate addiction and guarantee that bettors did not overspend on betting platforms.

Looking To The Future

Even after the amended gaming regulations went into effect, there are still worries regarding how gambling ads are carried out. Social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook continue to pose a huge threat to society in terms of unregulated gambling ads.

ANJ has stated that it will do an additional investigation into how gaming activities are promoted on various social media platforms. Influencers will be utilized less frequently to keep young people from being corrupted.

ANJ also stated that its working group would make additional recommendations to ensure that consumers are safeguarded and advertisements are more favorably consulted.

Final Thoughts

France’s efforts to curb sports betting advertising during the World Cup were highly effective, with licensed operators complying with regulators’ instructions to promote responsible gambling.

With these efforts, French Online Casinos and Sports Betting sites can now strive to provide a safe and enjoyable gambling experience for all. While the new rules were implemented successfully during the 2022 World Cup, there are still concerns about unregulated gambling ads on social media.

The ANJ has committed to further investigations and recommendations to ensure consumer protection and responsible advertising practices.

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