Cardi B Inspires Sandra Sonko To Never Post Her Lover on Social Media

February 17, 2023

Mike Sonko’s youngest daughter Sandra Mbuvi has vowed to never post her lover on her popular social media pages.

Ms Mbuvi says she was inspired by rapper Cardi B, who raps about not posting her lover on Instagram if he has not put a ring on it.

If you ain’t put a ring on my finger, you ain’t gonna get on my Instagram,” Sandra quoted Cardi B’s lyrics from the 2021 track dubbed ‘Up’.

Sandra confirmed she is in a relationship that she prefers to keep away from the public limelight.

“Even if you are dating me today, I cannot burden my boyfriend because that is my personal relationship. Everyone should deal with their own business and for me, that is my personal business,” she said.

Sandra also opened up about her lifelong dream of owning a private jet.

“I have always wanted to own a private plane, it has been a very big dream of mine and one day by fate I will own it,” she manifested.

Sandra also mentioned she owns several cars. “I have a lot of cars but I can’t tell you because you will say I’m bragging. Personally, I have my own cars and when I start mentioning them, people think I’m bragging.”

The lass also mentioned she is finally planning to move out of her parent’s house.

Sandra also recently launched her own cosmetics and beauty products line dubbed SH Beauty.

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