Sakaja Asks Kenyans For Forgiveness Over DP Gachagua Public Spat

January 11, 2023

Nairobi Governor Jonhson Sakaja says his public spat with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was blown out of proportion as he has no personal issues with the DP.

The two appeared to be at loggerheads after Sakaja relocated long-distance PSVs from the Nairobi CBD and shut down noisy clubs in residential areas.

Speaking during an interview on Inooro TV on Tuesday, January 10, Sakaja said it was unfortunate that the matter was blown out of proportion, creating unnecessary political tension.

I ask for forgiveness from Kenyans because of how it has played out in public. There are people who have taken advantage. You find that affairs of Nairobi are being talked about by politicians from Bungoma to Nyeri, Muranga, and even Vihiga,” the governor said.

Sakaja said Gachagua should have reached out to him first instead of castigating him in public meetings.

“I don’t have any problem with the DP. I respect him as my elder. He is in a higher position in terms of our party. I can’t comment much about my boss. Maybe there are instances where we did not agree with each other or where he feels like things did not go well and it would have been good to sit down and talk rather than going to the public,” he said.

The former Nairobi senator said they would resolve their differences internally and urged his followers to respect Gachagua to avoid fueling tensions.

Respect the deputy president. If you have never heard me insult anyone, then don’t do it on my behalf,” Sakaja said.

Sakaja also asked fellow politicians to stop fuelling tensions between him and the Executive.

“There are some politicians, especially from other parts of the country that are trying to create a tiff between me and national leaders. They should desist from doing so because I have a lot of respect for my seniors and there are no differences between us at the moment,” he said.

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