Otile Brown has lambasted security officers at the Julius Nyerere Airport in Tanzania after he was robbed of two laptops.

The singer took to social media to express his disappointment saying the laptops contained valuable content.

The Terminator singer said he reported the matter after he realized his laptops were missing but the airport security were unwilling to help him. They allegedly declined to review CCTV footage that would have helped Otile Brown trace his luggage.

“So kwenye airport ya Julius Nyerere Tanzania nimeibiwa Mac/laptop mbili ila walinzi nawatoa huduma wamekataa kutusaidia ndani ya masaa matatu. Wamektaa kuchunguza kwenya cctv. Wametuzungusha mda. Longest night of my life,” he wrote.

Otile added: “Yani wanakataa kutoa huduma wakati ku trace laptop zikiwa tu hapo karibu. Tumetoa hadi report ya police ambayo ndio utaratibu ila wakakataa.”

The singer questioned the professionalism of the security guards and hinted that he would be seeking legal redress against them.

Kwani security kazi yake ni gani kama hawawezi kukusaidia? Mimi kama mpenzi wa nchi ya Tanzania nimeumia sana. I need a lawyer. I would have retrieved the laptops tonight, but it’s like they wanted us to lose them. Sad.”

Otile Brown also said he is willing to pay good cash to have the laptops back without involving the police.