Evelyn Wanjiru’s Manager Husband Reveals “the bad thing about working with her”

January 6, 2023

Kenyan-born record producer, Agundabweni Akweyu, opened up about managing his singer-wife, Evelyn Wanjiru, revealing the one bad thing about working with the sensational gospel musician.

Akweyu, popularly known as Agunda, has been managing the award-winning songbird for the better part of their 11-year marriage.

Agunda and Evelyne also founded and jointly run Bwenieve Productions, a music and video production company.

Speaking to the Star, Agunda said he enjoys working with the ‘Asante’ singer because he understands her better. He explained that music is dynamic, and so he has to keep changing with the times.

“You have to also make sure you are above the game as much as you can. Working with my wife has been easy and for sure, I have seen good results since we started the music journey,” he said.

The music producer also joked about the one bad thing about working for his wife.

“The good thing is that we understand one another well, so work flows easily. The bad thing about working with her is that I can’t give her a manager’s rate card.” He said.

Aguda also spoke about how they manage to stay away from online drama.

“Her followers are authentic and they want clean content that inspires, and that is what we aim to give them. Also, being a role model to many, she has to lead by being a good example.”

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