Daddy Owen And His Rumoured Girlfriend Speak Out

January 10, 2023

Gospel singer Daddy Owen(born Owen Mwatia) is not in a romantic relationship with one Eve Maina.

Word on the street had it that the celebrity singer and the businesswoman were an item after they were spotted together on several occasions over the past few weeks.

The rumor resurfaced on Sunday and Eve Maina was quick to put a stop to it.

Taking to Twitter, Eve wrote: No we are not dating. I have clarified this like a million times.”

This was in response to a tweeter who exclaimed: “Kumbe Eve Maina is dating Daddy Owen? Lahaula!”

Another Twitter user asked Eve Maina: “Would you confirm if you were? Or only deny when you are not?”

To which Eve responded: “Imagine saying you are not dating someone you are actually dating in public??”

Daddy Owen also refuted the dating rumors saying Eve Maina is a longtime friend. He also mentioned that she is dating someone.

“She is dating and I have no intentions of dating her. We have been friends for a long,” he said.

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