Why Daystar University Rebuffed Atheists in Kenya

November 18, 2022

Daystar University Vice Chancellor Prof Laban Ayiro has told off Atheists in Kenya Society(AIK) after an attempt to engage its students in a debate about the existence of God.

AIK president Harrison Mumia had reached out to the Daystar administration hoping that they would be receptive to the idea but was told that Daystar is a Christian University.

“To my surprise, the lady who picked up the phone, upon hearing that I am the President of the Atheists In Kenya Society, informed me that Daystar University is a Christian University and therefore it will not be possible to have such a discourse with their students. She then rudely hang up the phone,” Mumia lamented.

He went on to call out the university for preaching water while dinking wine.

“We would like to urge the Daystar University administration to be open to engagements with atheists. We do understand that Daystar University is founded on Christian principles, but we want to remind them that Jesus Christ Jesus cared for all types of people including prostitutes. Daystar University should stop preaching water and drinking wine,” AIK said in a statement Wednesday.

In response, Vice Chancellor Prof Laban said the university will not engage with nonbelievers.

“We know who we are, and we shall not engage with people who do not believe in God,” Prof Ayiro said.

He spoke during the Graduation Chapel service on Thursday.

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