What Is Matched Betting?

November 10, 2022

What is a match betting explanation? How does the strategy work? Can you really get guaranteed winnings from gambling?

When people first hear that there is a way to win money at bookmakers without risk of loss, they can hardly believe their ears. However, all the rumors that you may have heard about matched betting are indeed true!

The best way to learn matched betting is to see an example in action.

Placing actual bets on a match played that day. Sign up now to one of the non GamStop bookmakers and get your welcome bonus, then you can apply this strategy without any risks.

How Does Match Betting Work?

Matched betting is a way to get guaranteed winnings from free money bonuses at non GamStop bookmakers.

We do this by placing two bets that cover a result and it’s opposite. It is impossible to lose as always one of the two bets wins. The first bet is what we call a ‘back bet’ and the second bet is called a ‘lay bet’.

The lay bet is like taking out insurance in the event that the back bet loses. Whatever the outcome of the sports competition, we lose a minimal percentage on the entire investment.

However, because we play with free money, we are left with a guaranteed profit.

Back Bet

The first step is to place the back bet. This is a standard bet, as any gambler would place at a non GamStop bookmaker.

A matched bettor only places back bets with a bonus money or a free bet in prospect, from which a guaranteed profit can be achieved.

With the ‘back’ bet, you bet a team to win or the match will end in a draw.

Lay Bet

The lay bet is the second part of the strategy. On a betting exchange, you can deposit an amount on the exchange with which you cover the opposite outcome.

So, if you placed your back bet on the home win, place your lay bet on the away win. Whatever the outcome of the match, you always win one of the two bets.

The hope is often to win the lay bet right away, as this would mean that all the money (the stake and winnings) are available to withdraw immediately without having to fulfill any wagering requirements. 

What Is A Betting Exchange?

The betting exchange is where we place the lay bet to secure the back bet.

This sounds complicated, but if you are more familiar with what a betting exchange is and have used it a few times, it will quickly become clear how an exchange works.

A betting exchange allows users to bet against each other. So it’s not like a bookmaker going head-to-head against gamblers.

Instead, only a platform is provided on which bettors can place bets, and the winner gets the loser’s bets after deducting the betting exchange commission.

The big difference with a traditional bookmaker is that you can also place lay bets at the exchange. A lay bet means betting on a selection that it will lose rather than win.

Matched Betting Software

As a match better you need to find matches where the odds of back and lay bets are as close as possible. 

To find these we use a special matched betting software called Oddsmonkey. 

This software allows us to find the best matches in no time and calculate exactly what we need to bet to get the most profit from the bonus money.

Using software is necessary to take your matched betting winnings to the next level.

If you have to manually search for every bet among the hundreds of options that the non GamStop bookmakers offer, you will waste your valuable time and also lose money because you will find less good odds.

The monthly costs for Oddsmonkey can be earned back several times with a single bonus.

Cash Out

Once we have achieved our guaranteed winnings, you naturally want to have this paid out as quickly as possible.

The sooner you have the amount in our bank account, the faster we can move on to the next offer and the faster we can make money with matched betting from non GamStop bookmakers.

For this reason, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are indispensable tools for the pro punter.

Other payout options include bank transfer and credit card. However, the disadvantage of this is that bank transactions often take several working days.

So if you want to start matched betting with a small budget and use this amount over and over again to slowly grow your profits, waiting for a bank transfer means that you can sometimes do nothing at all for 4-5 working days until your payouts are completed.

The big advantage of a service like Skrill is that when the bookmaker pays out your winnings, this amount is immediately available in your account.

You can then use the money for a deposit at the next bookmaker that offers a bonus or you can transfer it to your bank account from here.

Another advantage is that the transaction to your bank is also anonymous because it comes from an e-wallet and not the online gambling site.

* Skrill = payout often within a few hours
* Bank transfer = waiting for your money up to 5 working days

For certain transactions you may pay a commission, but this small amount does not outweigh the benefit of being able to continue making money faster.

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