Nairobians BEWARE! Stabbing Hotspots in Nairobi REVEALED

November 9, 2022

With cases of stabbings on the rise in Nairobi, a concerned doctor at Kenyatta National Hospital has revealed some of the areas where most of the stabbings have been reported.

Dr Lilian Munyua, in a post on Facebook, said KNH receives a daily average of four to seven patients who have been stabbed in various parts of Nairobi.

“These past two weeks have not been easy at work. We are receiving an average of 4 – 7 cases of stabbing daily from muggings around the city. I have helplessly watched young and old, men and women, breathe their last while trying to save them. Some are in ICU while others have survived but with lifelong injuries,” the doctor said.

Ms Munyua went on to identify some of the areas where most of the stabbings often happen.

She said most of the victims were stabbed on Thika Super Highway at the stretch between the Drive-In flyover and KCA University, KCA underpass up to Total Exit, the Globe roundabout and Kipande Road.

Other stabbing hotspots include ABC Place & Kangemi along Waiyaki Way, Naivas All Sopps along Thika Super Highway and the Central Business District (Archives), River Road and Fig Tree area in Ngara as well as around KBC Offices around the University of Nairobi.

“If you have family or close friends coming to Nairobi or residing here, please advise them appropriately,” the doctor said.

“Please note these killer thugs are stealing in broad daylight. If you resist they will stab or shoot you without a second thought. Advice your friends and family to avoid walking alone or getting late in these places. If you’re carrying a laptop in a backpack, you remain a target. Be sure you will lose it or lose your life in these places. You’re on your own. Save your loved ones especially now that the December holidays are approaching and the thugs are becoming bolder by the day. Before government comes to save you, save yourself. Kaa rada (beware),” Dr Munyua warned.

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