Things to Know About Video Vixen Carol Becky

November 7, 2022

Carol Becky (born Caroline Ng’ondu) is a 22-year-old commercial model and video vixen.

She tells us about herself and her trade.


I am not just a girl with a phone. I‘m an influential model who wears her confidence on her sleeve.

Carol Becky is a woman with many pockets. I run a fashion closet (Ca’Becky Closet), and I am the face brand of several renowned companies. Besides that, I’m an all-round model.

As a video vixen, my work has been recognised by several musicians whom I have worked with. I have done videos like No stress by Masauti ft Trio Mio, Pokea Sifa by Kidum, Me Like It by KRG, Noma by King Kaka ft Rich Mavoko, Form Today by Femi One ft Kagwe Mungai just to mention a few.

There is the notion that video vixen in Kenya doesn’t pay. I say it does, but it all depends on how hungry you are for the market.

The problem with being a video vixen is that some quarters perceive those in the said field as ratchet which is not so. Some people do give us the wrong attitude as video vixens.

I pride myself for winning E360 Awards, The Video Vixen of the Year (2022) award. That’s why I don’t care what others think of what I do. E360 Awards allows artistes from all genres to be nominated and voted for by their fans.

I also make money from modelling. I am paid for all my modeling gigs and I do a lot of fashion content. The fashion style that people see on my social media represents my wardrobe and that of my clients.

Some disgusting trolls body shame me. There are those who think I have doctored my body to be in the shape I am in. My body is all natural.

I ignore the body shamers. You know If you keep throwing stones at barking dogs, you will never know the beautiful sound of your own feet.

I don’t have a problem with most young girls living large whether it’s from having ‘sponsors’ or not. I say whatever food is on anyone’s plate is welcome, as long as it is not affecting another person.

However, those living from other people’s pockets should be straightforward and honest especially if they are Social media influencers. They may never know who is watching, wanting to emulate that lifestyle yet the hustle they are in can’t get them there.

My unwritten rule is ‘honesty is always the best policy’. 


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