Catherine Lucy Nyokabi Kamau alias Kate Kabi is a 24-year-old interior architect, digital content creator, self-taught photographer, and commercial model.

She shares some fun facts to know about her.


“I’m the only child. I love to swim, read, paint, take architectural photographs, and try out new hobbies. I’m passionate about gender equality, street-style fashion, and travel.

I practice interior design. For the next two years, I will continue to focus on interior design, floor plan drawings, and co-site visits with other project managers, architects, and interior designers. I am still trying to carve out a niche in the field.

How did I get into content creation? Well. It started as a hobby and a safe haven from school stress. By the time I was graduating, it was something I was sure I would love to pursue as a career. I think it brings balance to my life.

Almost everyone is turning to digital content creation, the field is getting saturated. However, I would say, it’s starting to get recognition as a career so many people want to explore it.

I still can’t fully depend on content creation to pay my bills. That’s where my commercial modelling and interior design skills come in handy.

Gin or Whiskey? Ooh! Home Boy! Gin anytime. It’s versatile, created from organics, and has great variants.

Ooh! And for the Gin, I suggest Beefeater. I would preach about this brand all day long. Haha! It’s a modern, smooth, chic, urban, crisp, botanical gin. Currently, I’m loving the blood orange. You should try it and let me know what you think.

The last time I visited Shagz, Kitui central was in June 2021. Ooh my goodness, this is such a setup. My grandpa is going to read this.

What fascinates me about shagz is the tranquility, how determined my grandma is with going to church at any given time, and how much stuffed on food I get.

No, I am not in love, not at the moment.

I adhere to the phrase, ‘in a relationship, a woman’s money is hers, but a man’s money is for both of them’. Haha. However, if it’s a healthy relationship I don’t mind spoiling him.

I don’t believe in staying in debt. The guilt and burden that comes with it is too much pressure.

A guy stopped talking to me because I bro-zoned him. Haha! I guess that was a good thing. Good riddance.

What doesn’t run dry in my house is coffee, Del Monte and Chevda (tropical heat to be precise). 

Mantra I abide by. In Beyoncé I trust. Kidding. But hey, always stay gracious, humble, focused and delusional about yourself and your dreams, and God will deliver at His own timing.”

Courtesy: Saturday Magazine