Nameless Responds After Being Told He Dressed Like a Thug For Wakanda Premiere

November 17, 2022

Veteran singer Nameless(born David Mathenge) has thanked Kenyans who defended him after a TikToker bashed his red carpet outfit for the Wakanda Forever premiere.

Popular Kenyan-based South SudaneseTiktoker, Imo Unusual, claimed Nameless looked the ared robbers who have been terrorizing Kenyans in Nairobi.

“If it were me, I would have run the moment I laid eyes on Nameless,” said Imo Unusual.

This saw a huge section of Kenyans online turn against the TikToker for roasting one of their favorite celebrities.

Speaking about the whole debacle, Nameless said he was touched by the people who defended him.

“For me, I have always had gratitude about how guys show me love, that’s what gives me energy, people showed me a lot of love and I was really touched to see them standing up for me. It has always meant a lot to me how people show me respect. I thank Kenyans,” he said.

The singer said he didn’t know why he was trending until his daughter showed him a video of Imo Unusual.

“I don’t know the lady, when my daughter showed it to me I decided to use it as a teachable moment for my daughter, to show her people will say what they want to say and you can’t control what people say, all you have to do is be confident in yourself,” he said.



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Adding: “Unfortunately people say stuff and then when others react like they did that’s when they decide to apologize to reduce the heat they’re getting. I don’t know where she apologized, maybe she has sent an inbox to me but I don’t know, but what I want her to know is that I had already forgiven her before the apology.” 

Nameless added that when he first saw the video, he established Imo Unusual was young enough to be his daughter and understood that her being young and dealing with the pressures of social media had influenced her comments.

“I was probably singing when she was still in diapers so that’s not something that I’m going to be offended over, I just hope she grows and learns. I don’t want to see people get hurt, I’m a peacemaker. I don’t want to add more drama and negativity. The reason I forgive her is because I understand the pressure of social media and life right now, it’s become crazy where people think it’s cool to put people down, I try to reduce the negativity,” said Nameless.

He added: “It’s a hard thing she’s been through and I hope she now gets it and learns and does better. I hope she also learns not to project and finds a way to deliver her takes in a kinder and a more compassionate way because different opinions help us grow.”

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