How Men Forced Natalie Tewa To Buy Herself An Engagement Ring

November 17, 2022

Vlogger Natalie Tewa says unwanted advances from men made her get an engagement ring.

The influencer is currently in a relationship but is not engaged. She however wears an engagement ring to ward men off.

“Sometimes men are a bit much, like when you go out with your girls and you do not want to be disturbed and men can be very intrusive and come to your space asking whether they can buy you a drink and I refuse, because of course when they buy you anything they expect something in return and it is just that process that I try to avoid. So I got myself an engagement ring,” she said.

Natalie Tewa also revealed what she looks for in an ideal partner.

“My love language is quality time, getting to know them and them knowing you and just being there for each other. They also have to be very thoughtful and kind I do not like arrogant boisterous people,” she said.

Tewa, who has had her fair share of negative publicity in the past, said she has since learned a lesson not to respond to rumours.

She also resolved not to share everything about her life on social media.

“At this point whatever I say does not matter because everyone had their own opinion and speculated a lot. And that is just the way I am, I do not clarify or deny because people will always have assumptions. 

“I have learned my lesson of not putting everything online, and I had to learn the hard way. I feel that people are curious but as soon as you post people become more curious and want to inquire, so if it’s relationships family I post very sparingly. No more about sharing everything I am very careful about what I post about my private life, just to avoid that harsh criticism,” Ms Tewa explained.

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