Manhunt Launched After Drunk Man Is Sodomised In Bomet

November 24, 2022

Detectives in Bomet are on the hunt for a suspect who allegedly sodomised a drunk man in Mosonik village of Kyogong location, Chepalungu constituency.

A communiqué from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Wednesday indicates that the suspect locked up his victim in his house for over 10 hours.

The victim was reportedly enjoying some drinks with friends at a local pub when he excused himself to answer a call of nature.

“The man who was making merry with his kinsmen imbibing fermented frothy waters at Jumbo club, had excused himself to go for a call of nature when the suspect struck,” DCI said.

Police identified the suspect as one Silas, who accosted his victim as he staggered back to the pub.

Silas led his 33-year-old victim to his house located approximately 200 meters away from the pub.

“Efforts by the victim to raise alarm as he was led by Silas to his chambers were unsuccessful, as his incoherent screams were drowned by the loud stereo in the pub playing local popular hit song ‘Gloria’ as the rest of the equally inebriated revelers slurred and danced along,” DCI reported.

Police added that the suspect held his victim until Tuesday afternoon when a passerby heard a commotion coming from the house and came to the rescue of the victim.

The man was rushed to Longisa county and a referral hospital for treatment and relevant tests.

Police have called on the public to provide any information that might lead to the arrest of Silas.

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